FlexMLS Webinars are a collection of short training videos and pre-recorded webinars of training classes. You will have an instructor talking and showing you the features of the specific topic. Webinars can be paused, fast-forwarded, and rewound. You may come back and watch the recorded webinar at anytime.

WebinarsRun Time (minutes)
Dashboard: MLS8:08
Dashboard: Home14:31
Dashboard: Classic8:56
Dashboard: Creating &
Customize Menu4:53
Introduction to Listing Policy12:18
Add/Change: Add Listing44:06
Add/Change: Change Listing24:29
Add/Change: Incomplete3:05
Add/Change: My Unmapped Listings3:00
Add/Change: Copy Listings4:27
Add/Change: Transfer Listings (admin accounts)3:36
Search: Full Search13:22
Search: Saved Search13:23
Search: Quick Search11:16
Search: Address4:34
Search: Multiple Address6:04
Search: MLS # Search11:50
Search: Listing Collection7:07
Search: History7:43
Search: My Listings4:09
Search: Office Listings2:06
Search: Office/Member6:47
Search: CMA38:03
Contacts: Contact Mgmt37:39
Contacts: Opt-In Status4:06
Contacts: Contact Summary2:43
Contacts: Multiple Update5:15
Contacts: My Sent Emails5:15
Contacts: Reverse Prospecting7:42
Contacts: Subscriptions6:02
Schedule/Message: My Messages6:03
Schedule/Message: Tour/Open Houses6:03
Schedule/Message: ShowingTime9:16
Statistics My Production8:57
Statistics Market Summary12:11
Statistics Inventory Reports13:01
Statistics Statistical Reports24:31
Statistics Rosters3:43
My Market Hot Sheet7:55
My Market My Market8:12
My Market Market Areas4:27
My Market Market Area Summary3:16
Preferences My Profile14:14
Preferences My Views13:56
Preferences My Saved Sorts5:55
Preferences My Quick Searches10:44
Preferences My Map Overlays9:18
Preferences My Exports11:15
Preferences General Preferences10:34
Preferences Portal Preferences11:29
Preferences Default Map3:16
Maps/Financial Financial Calculators4:23
Maps/Financial FlexMLS Maps6:43
Tax Information: Personal Settings9:44
Tax Information: Search Engines13:40
Tax Information: Mailing Labels6:21
Tax Information: Views5:27
Tax Information: Parcel Carts9:11
Tax Information: Quick Searches6:18
Tax Information: Saved Searches7:10
Tax Information: Data Export3:22
Tips for Better Searches in FlexMLS
Contacts and Subscriptions1:36:43
Creating and Using Quick Searches17:13
Creating and Using Views19:24
Customizing FlexMLS Your Way47:33
E-mail Templates17:23
FlexMLS Consumer App - iOS Only11:22
FlexMLS Pro App on iOS13:51
FlexMLS Pro App on Android and Mobile Web23:50
How to Create and Use Custom Hotsheets18:35
How to Create and Use Daily Hotsheets11:28
How to Upload Photos to your Listing7:09
Getting Started With Showingtime For FlexMLS17:37
Map Advanced29:33
Map Basics25:59
Most Used Year End Reports18:08
CLASSIC PORTAL - Agent Contact Portal Preferences18:48
CLASSIC PORTAL - Contact Portal: Agent Side34.45
CLASSIC PORTAL - Contact Portal: Contact Side23.52
NEW PORTAL - Agent Contact Portal Preferences17:55
PORTAL - Contact Portal with Subscription11:01
PORTAL - Contact Portal with Android Devices13:44
PORTAL - Contact Portal using iOS Mobile Devices14.03
PORTAL - Contact Portal Consumer App (iOS only)11:23
ShowingTime for the MLS™ Help and Trainingvarious
Preferred Photographers21:15